This page was updated on 8/28/2019.

We believe that technology can be used to help legal clients lessen the cost of family law lawsuits but also to help educate people (and other lawyers).

Resources we’ve created:

We believe that law firms that develop tools and content should share that information with others. Therefore, we’ve created the following:

  1. A Dictionary that translates legalese into plain language.
  2. An Illinois Maintenance Calculator (where you input net incomes).
  3. A video tutorial showing how people can fill out the Appearance form for a divorce, child custody, or child support lawsuit filed in Illinois.
  4. An attorney directory that lists other Illinois-licensed solo attorneys. We’re adding to this growing directory so lawyers can find other lawyers, and so potential clients can find information about other lawyers who operate solely. If you are a solo attorney and would like a free listing on, either go to the site and click on the “Create a Listing” button or send an email to The most common way that people find lawyers is still through referrals. We’re doing our part to try to quickly and easily get you the information about the solo attorneys here in Illinois.
  5. A Frequently-Asked-Questions page. This page lists questions we get asked frequently by prospective clients.

Resources others have created:

Here is a list of other websites that we use constantly in our family law cases. You can bookmark this page so you have all the information on one page.

  • Illinois Child Support Estimator
  • Illinois Supreme Court Forms
  • Cook County Circuit Court Forms
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: Use the Search box on the right side of this page to find forms for your case (for example, search by “Appearance”). Further down on the right side is a Filter by Division (for example “Domestic Relations Division”)
  • Cook County Circuit Court Case Look-Up
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: This listing is not always the most up-to-date. And you cannot see the e-filed documents (you have to go to the Court and pay for a printout of them). So if you go to Court and appear before a Judge in Cook County, assume they have not seen your e-filed documents and be ready to show them your printouts of all documents.
  • Cook County Domestic Relations Court Emails
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: Although you can call the Courts, it may be faster to email your Judge’s coordinator. See the image above for this information.
  • Will County Circuit Court Forms
  • Will County Case Look-Up for Non-Attorneys/The Public
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: Search by party name or case number. You’ll see everything that attorneys see when they do a case look-up, except for the e-filed documents. Still, there is a lot of information given and the information is routinely updated.
  • Will County Case Look-Up for attorneys.
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s Comments: THIS is the way the process of legal filing should be done! You e-file a document and then you are able to view that document online. Free access but attorney registration required. We LOVE Will County’s use of technology!
  • Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO)
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: ILAO provides a lot of helpful information about Illinois court cases, the process a case may take, and the many forms available to both attorneys and pro se litigants. We can’t say enough about how well this site is designed.
  • Odyssey
    • Website:
    • Kubik Legal’s comments: Odyssey is one of the ways you can e-file your documents with the Illinois Courts. E-filing is now the only way to file your documents. Odyssey is clunky, but it is free. Registration is required. If the process does not work and you get an internal error, try again at a later time.
  • We will continue to add to the resources and showcase other sites that we believe help you learn more about Illinois family law.

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