About Us

Kubik Legal is an Illinois divorce and child custody law firm that operates with the goals of being efficient and effective. We practice in the Illinois counties of Cook, Will, Grundy and Kankakee.

Founded by Sara Kubik, Kubik Legal is the law firm that cuts out the bloat seen in many other law firms.

We’ll streamline our process to fit your needs, and do it in a way in which you feel comfortable.

For example, many law firms are stuck in the “we-need-to-meet-face-to-face” method for all encounters with clients. One drawback to this? You get billed for that large chunk of time. And lawyers love to increase those billable hour$.

But have you seen how expensive divorces can be? Not many people can afford to pay a traditional family law attorney tens of thousands of dollars for a case that may not finish for years.

It is true that lawyers can provide valuable services. It is also true that the total cost of paying for your family law lawsuit may be way. too. high.

Before she was an attorney, Sara Kubik was a legal client so she knows how ridiculously expensive family law litigation can be. She also has extensive expertise in technology use and has blended this tech knowledge with her legal knowledge.

At Kubik Legal, we view our clients as people who need legal help. One way to help legal clients is to operate in a non-traditional way. Believe it or not, lawyers and the practice of law is woefully behind in adopting the use of technology.

Technology use can be something as simple as calling you on the phone so you don’t have to drive into an office.

It can also mean using e-mail instead of postal mailing our clients everything.

We also refer clients to other websites and make videos that you can use to help your case. See our Resources Page for more. Compare the content we have on this site to other law firms and you’ll begin to see how we are different.

What areas can we help you with? Family law matters including divorce, paternity, mediation, settlement, custody, visitation/parenting time, relocations and removals, orders of protection, child support, maintenance/alimony, property divisions, interstate and international cases.

We can work with you for the entirety of your case or for a section of it. Sometimes people think you have to have an attorney for the entire length of your case. That is not true! We can traditionally represent you like other law firms do, but we also can explore what works best for your unique path and time frame. You call the shots.

If you and your spouse are in agreement on most things, we can also help you with an uncontested divorce.

Sara Kubik

Sara Kubik is the owner of Kubik Legal. She has a PhD in Technology from Purdue University, a JD in Law from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, an MBA in Marketing and Management from the University of Miami, and a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Notre Dame.

She is, quite simply, a lifelong learner.

One of the reasons Sara became an attorney was because she went through her own child custody dispute. She’s been where you are. So she has not only sympathy, but empathy, for her clients and their families. She also knows first-hand how expensive litigation can be.

And now that she is a lawyer, she can be your advocate and help you achieve your goals in a way that is more efficient than the status quo.

Plus, she thinks tech is cool and is a self-professed nerd.

Contact Kubik Legal to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for your Chicago or Chicagoland divorce, child custody, or child support case, or for your trademark or copyright questions by emailing us at info@kubiklegal.com