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Why work with Kubik Legal?

How has the coronavirus impacted you, the Courts, or working with lawyers?

The pandemic has caused a big shake-up in the Illinois courts. Processes and procedures went from a complete shutdown, to remote appearances, to some in-person/some not. Simply stated, filing for divorce can be more confusing than ever before.

But! In an interesting turn of events, you can still e-file documents and in some cases, you can go from beginning to end of your divorce lawsuit... and it all can be done remotely! That's right,many courts are allowing divorces to proceed remotely.

You do not have to stay married during this timeframe. You do not have to wait for the Courts to resume their normal procedures. And what is normal any way?

Kubik Legal is proud to offer you several solutions for Cook, Will, Grundy and Kankakee county divorces....

How to File for Divorce in Cook County, IL: a $64.99 online class for people who want to file for divorce but do not want to retain an attorney. This course walks you through all you need to know to file for divorce in Cook County. We give you forms you need to fill in and show you how to e-file them. Sometimes, you are in a situation where you need to file for divorce now. is your course. (And remember, you can always get a lawyer later.)

2. Divorce Course: Courses for both parties who want to file for uncontested divorce in Cook County, IL. Unlike the course mentioned above, Divorce Course walks you both through the entire filing process, from start to finish.

Divorce Course is for spouses who have already agreed on everything, and want to file for divorce, but don't know what forms they need to fill out, or how to e-file their documents, or how to get before the Judge in Illinois.

Divorce Course is an online, step-by-step service that you can use for your DIY divorce. The membership fee starts at $199 per month.

You'll get access to our exclusive content showing you what forms you need to use, what they mean, how you e-file them, how to get a time scheduled before a judge, what to expect in either in-person or remote court, and more.

You'll also be able to talk to a practicing attorney; that's included in Divorce Course along with access to our unique content. Side note, attorneys in Chicago commonly bill clients $400 an hour to talk to them! 1 hour = $400 just. to. talk. to. them!

With Divorce Course, you get content that walks you through doing your own divorce. You'll learn how to fill in forms, how to e-file them, and how to appear before the Judge without being represented by a lawyer. And if you need to talk to an attorney, that's also included.

You can view our introductory lesson for free.

You can sign-up anytime online for access to the rest of Divorce Course and view more information about Divorce Course.

3. Flat Fee Representation: If you and your spouse agree on details of your divorce, we can represent one party for a flat fee.

What's representation? That's where our attorney represents one spouse, gives that spouse legal advice, fills in forms and drafts paperwork, appears in court, and e-files all documents. It's what you think of when you retain an attorney.

What's a flat fee? It's the total amount that you will pay for your case. You know up front what your case will cost you. The flat fee model is a newer model that lawyers can use.

With law fims that bill you traditionally, you need to pay thousands of dollars (for a retainer) before an attorney begins to work on your case.

Flat fees are a total amount. Our fees include:

  1. Uncontested divorce cases with no children start at a flat fee of $2000.
  2. Uncontested divorce cases with children start at a flat fee of $3000.

4. Full Representation: Contested divorce and custody cases are ones where the parties are in disagreement. An up-front retainer of $3000 is required for contested cases. We bill based upon the actual time we spend working on the case at $300 per hour, in 0.1 increments. More information about our prices can be found here.

Contact us today to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're a good fit to represent you for your Chicago and Chicagoland divorce or child custody lawsuits. Here's how...

  1. You can schedule a time for the free consultation and we will call you at that time, or
  2. You can call us at (312) 620-0283 and leave a message. We will reply to you shortly, or
  3. You can send us an email at

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