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Did you know that the average cost of a divorce is about $15,000 per person?

Much of that is paying for an attorney. It's no surprise that most divorce cases are filed by people who do not hire lawyers.

Attorney Sara Kubik is the owner of Kubik Legal and has a lot of experience in various areas. She went through a 7-year long custody battle, which is one reason she went to law school. She was a family law legal client. Now she's a lawyer. She's been where you are and has the battle scars to show it.

She also believes that most lawyers operate in an inefficient way. This is why at Kubik Legal, our goal is to get your case resolved effectively, affordably and efficiently.

How are we effective? We have experience before the Illinois family law courts in Cook, Will, Kankakee, and Grundy counties. We understand the laws and processes for divorce, child custody, child support, etc. You'll work with a law firm that has experience.

How are we efficient? We operate in a way where we think about how much you are paying for your lawsuit. We don't like bloat or antiquated ways of practicing law. Why? Because you, the client, end up paying too much when you work with these lawyers and firms. Kubik Legal operates differently. We can fully represent clients, or appear in a limited way. We also offer unbundled services.

How are we affordable? Not only do we operate our practice efficiently, but we are up front about our prices. Many attorneys operate in the traditional full-representation-with-a-large-retainer-up-front model. That's the way it has been and always will be for some law firms.

There are benefits to using this model, but times, they are a'changin. And different models exist!

You don't have to have all or nothing representation. You don't have to work with lawyers who bill you by the hour rather than give a flat-rate for your case or issue. At Kubik Legal, we have different pricing models and various ways we can help you with your case. And we've put them online in order to be transparent with you. Click on our Prices page.

When you compare us to other law firms, you'll see how unique we are. Contact Kubik Legal to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for your Chicago or Chicagoland divorce, child custody, or child support case. Here's how...

  1. You can schedule a time for the free consultation and we will call you at that time, or
  2. You can call us at (312) 620-0283 and leave a message. We will reply to you shortly, or
  3. You can send us an email at