Will County, Illinois

The current Will County courthouse is located at 14 W. Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL, 60432. (A new, glorious courthouse is being built across the street from the current one.) It is the 12th Judicial Circuit.

Will County has a much more accessible efiling system and use of technology. For instance, while Will County’s efiling system is the same as Cook County, Will County attorneys and judges are able to view and retreive efiled documents online.

The court website has other useful information for both litigants and attorneys. You can also check the judges’ availability online: https://ischedule.il12th.org/

However, a cautionary word to litigants… do NOT bring your cell phone into the courthouse! When you go through the long lines of security, if you have your cell phone on you, they will not let proceed and go up to the courtrooms. You can’t have your phone on vibrate, or turned off. Will county will not let you into the courthouse with your cell phone at all.

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