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Many law firms are not transparent about how much it costs to hire them. We are. We offer three ways we can work with you:

1. Full Representation

A. Retainer + Billable Hourly Model

In this model, Kubik Legal represents you fully throughout your lawsuit. A retainer is paid at the beginning of the representation, with the attorney billing work done on the case in hourly increments.

A $2500 retainer is paid before we begin working on your case. Your retainer is an amount of money paid to the firm up front/at the beginning of our business relationship. A retainer is an amount of money that is used to start a case and possibly pay court fees on your behalf. This retainer can be paid in cash, check, and online with a credit or debit card.

But a retainer is NOT a flat fee agreement. Flat fee agreements are amounts that represent the total fee you pay for your case. A retainer is used along with our billable hour.... it is normally not the total amount you will pay for your case. Your case could cost more than the retainer amount, the retainer amount, or less than the retainer amount. In other words, every case varies.

Once a retainer is paid, we will bill you for the activity we do while working on your case. We keep track of what we do and measure it on the .1 billable hour.

Our hourly rates are $250 per hour.

Say, for example, we draft a document and e-file it with the courts and this all takes 30 minutes to do. We would document and bill 0.5, which equals $125.

Your retainer money is put into a bank account, and we will send you invoices showing how much we have billed for our work. Money will be deducted from the bank account to pay for the work done. If the case settles or there are other reasons to stop working together and money is left in the bank account, the firm will refund the balance once the final invoice is deducted.

If a retainer amount is depleted, or gets low, and the case is not finished, the firm will contact the client to see what future steps need to be taken.

When people are calling firms, they should ask them at least four questions:

  1. What is your retainer amount?
  2. What is the hourly fee for an attorney who will work on my case?
  3. What is the minimum amount of time you bill?
  4. What do you do that is different than other law firms that will help me with my case?

For Kubik Legal, our answers for this billing model are $2,500, $250 and 0.1. And the answer to number four is that we will help you achieve your goals efficiently and use technology in a way that lessens the cost of your overall suit. Many people only look at the retainer amount or the hourly fee when assessing whether or not to work with a firm. But there are so many other considerations to how much your lawsuit will cost. HOW an attorney works factors into what you will ultimately pay as well.

B. Retainer + Monthly Payment Plan Model

Like the model above, Kubik Legal will fully represent you in your lawsuit. However, in this model, the retainer to be paid at the beginning of our representation is $1500.

Additionally, starting in week 5, weekly payments of $95 per week will be AUTOMATICALLY withdrawn from a valid checking or savings account. Automatic payments cannot be made by a debit or credit card. All payments from the payment plan will be deposited into a trust account and applied towards actual work completed on the case, or fees charged for the case.

Any overpayment will be refunded. If weekly payments do not cover actual work done on the case or fees charged, the $95 weekly payment plan will continue until all is paid.

2. Limited Scope Representation

For people who cannot afford full representation, or who do not need an attorney for the entire length of their lawsuit, consider working with us as your limited scope representation.

When you hire a law firm for limited scope representation, they will work on a part of your lawsuit. Depending upon what that part is, the lawyer may appear in court for your case, draft documents, negotiate with the other side... basically anything they do for full representation but for only part of your case.

Some real-world examples could be:

a) Hiring Kubik Legal for only the prove-up in a divorce. A prove-up is when the parties are in agreement on all of the issues and they go before the Judge to finalize the divorce.

b) Hiring Kubik Legal to draft a marital settlement agreement, or a parenting plan.

c) Hiring Kubik Legal to help a party determine child support calculations, or to coach them through responding to the Illinois Attorney General's complaint against them seeking child support.

Our prices for limited scope representation range from $1000 to $1500, depending upon your case.

3. Unbundled Services

Say you have a legal issue and Google, your friends, your friends' friends, and everyone on Facebook is giving you the wrong advice. You may want to hire an attorney and ask them to review your case and give you advice. Or you want an attorney to draft a document that you will use when you appear in court (as opposed to limited scope representation where the attorney will appear in court for you).

Unbundled services are somewhat new and many lawyers do not offer them. But we do. And depending upon your case and budget, this may be a good solution for you. Below are some prices* for our unbundled services:

a) For a letter or phone call = $250

b) For researching your case, including reviewing any documents, and giving advice to you = $250-500

c) For preparing a document = $125- $500

d) For coaching you through what to expect when you go to court, or to coach you through how to efile your documents = $250 an hour

*This asterik is important because you may have a need not listed is not a complete listing of our unbundled services! You may want something different; let us know and we'll see if we can offer it!

Finally, we recommend you compare what we are doing to what other firms are doing. Google them, look at their reviews, ask about their prices and fees. Our goal is to be upfront about our prices because many lawyers (MANY lawyers) are not. And that's a shame because price is such a big issue when you work with a lawyer. Hiring an attorney is something that should not be done blindly. It is a serious action and you want to work with a law firm and lawyer you feel comfortable with. Check us out to see if we are a good fit for you.

Contact Kubik Legal to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for your Chicago or Chicagoland divorce, child custody, or child support case. Here's how...

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