Many law firms are not transparent about how much it costs to hire them. Or how they will bill you. We are.

We are also very flexible in payment models and services. Listed below are the various services we offer and the prices for them

1. $64.99, Online Course for the Petitioner Only. How to File for Divorce in Cook County, IL. This course walks the Petitioner through filing all of the documents needed to start their divorce lawsuit in Cook County, IL. The course is on the Udemy website.

2. $500-$600/month. Online courses for both the Petitioner and the Respondent showing you both how to go through an uncontested divorce in Cook County, IL. For divorces with or without children. Includes 2 hours per month to talk to a licensed divorce attorney. More information and sign-up here: Divorce Course.

3. $400/hour. Customized legal services. You get to talk to a licensed attorney about your case to get legal advice, procedural advice, or document preparation. The attorney does not appear before the court on your behalf, but advises you on your case. This is a good option for people who do not want to fully retain an attorney or only have questions and need help on part of their case. This is for litigants in Cook, Will, Kankakee and Grundy counties.

4. $2000 – $3000. Flat fee representation for uncontested divorces. Our lawyer legally represents one party. The fee is for all the work done on the case from beginning to ending of the divorce process. We fully represent the party (either the Petitioner or the Respondent, but not both) and do all of the efiling, drafting of documents, and the one court appearance at the end of the case (called the prove-up). The fee does not include the filing fee the court charges you to file your case with them. This is for litigants in Cook, Will, Kankakee and Grundy counties.

5. Contested family law cases (divorce or custody) are billed at an hourly model with an initial $3000 retainer paid up front. When we begin working on your case, we bill at $300 per hour. Everything we do on your case is billed in 0.1 and up increments. So if we draft a document and it takes us 10 minutes, you are billed 0.2. That amount equals $300 * 0.2 or $60.

We deduct the billed time from the retainer until it is depleted. Depending upon your case, we may ask for an additional retainer.

Contested divorces are normally the most expensive cases and hardest to quote if a person asks, “How much will my entire case be?” There are so many things that can prolong a case or make it more complicated. That is why we bill based upon the actual time we spend working on the case.

Our goal is to be upfront about our prices because many lawyers (MANY lawyers) are not. And that’s a shame because price is such a big issue when you work with a lawyer. Hiring an attorney is something that should not be done blindly. It is a serious action and you want to work with a law firm and lawyer you feel comfortable with. Check us out to see if we are a good fit for you.

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