How we’re different.

We’re a law firm that specializes.

We’re a law firm that specializes in Illinois family law and federal intellectual property law. That means we can help you with an Illinois divorce or child custody issue.

Or, if you live anywhere in the U.S., we can help you with a trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property issue.

Or, or… if you live in Illinois and are thinking about getting married, or are going through a divorce and have created content that you would like to protect, we can help with that. We can help draft documents before you are married that protect something you’ve created as being solely owned by you. Or if you are getting divorced, now you may need help understanding what is marital property, what is intellectual property, etc. Simply stated, what is owned only by you versus something that needs to be split with your spouse.

Not many law firms can say they are specialists in two areas and understand the overlapping of these areas. We can, and we can help you.

We use technology.

We live in a world full of technology. Yet many family law firms and lawyers do not embrace tech use. They do not use technology to make their work processes more efficient. An although the pandemic thrust the legal system forward in many ways, you’ll still find lawyers and law firms that practice as they did 20 years ago.

We’re taking the opposite approach: We will use technology to become a better law firm that helps our clients achieve their goals in a less expensive way.

But what do we mean by technology use? Here are some examples of how technology can be used in a law firm:

  1. Some firms require people to meet with them in their the office. We decided not to have an office because ultimately, it’s a cost that gets past down to the clients. Clients end up paying for law offices when a lawyer can work with them remotely, or meet with them in a place that is more convenient to the client. Remote work can be as simple as telephone calls or Zoom conferences. These ways can be a cheaper way to connect (and safer due to these unfortunate times).
  2. Other firms require people to come into their office to sign a legal document. Let’s take a cue from realtors, and use DocuSign (or something similar) to let clients sign the documents remotely, using just their phone or their own computer. Lawyers should mimic realtors here.. for instance, have you ever bought or sold a house? Most of your signing will be done online.
  3. Some attorneys will postal mail, or fax (YES!! It still is a thing) legal documents when e-mailed documents are faster.
  4. Other attorneys may custom draft all of your legal documents. However, if you see an attorney starting from a <File <New, you will end up paying them too much. Work with a firm that uses templates or state-approved court forms. In fact, we want YOU to use forms if you don’t hire us to represent you. There are many forms online, and we’ll dive into them in a future blog post.
  5. Surprisingly, many lawyers do not know how to create spreadsheets (using Excel, for example). When you’re dividing up property, it’s mainly about financials or numbers. Why, oh why, must other lawyers use full sentences to show who gets what, full of legalese? At Kubik Legal, we’re all about efficiency. When you talk about dollars, we use spreadsheets. Many past clients have told us we “do all the work” when it came to financial negotiations AND billed them half of what their soon-to-be-ex’s paid.

These are just a few examples of the technology that you probably use already every day. In other words, you don’t have to be a techno-wiz to use technology with your lawyer. You just have to have a lawyer willing to integrate technology into their business. That’s us!*

* Of course we use more technology than what is listed above. Each client has a different level of comfort in the technology they use. The point is, don’t be afraid to use technology. We’ll work within your comfort level of tech-use.

We want to see your case resolved sooner than later.

As mentioned on our home page, Sara Kubik, owner of Kubik Legal, was a family law client herself. She knows the frustrations legal clients face when working with lawyers. She understands how long cases can take, how expensive they can be. She has been frustrated by why her attorneys wouldn’t respond to her for weeks on end.

All of these frustrations were her motivation for going to law school. Now she is a lawyer who can help you. She can understand what you are going through and knows this makes her a better attorney to represent you.

Many law firms have lawyers that handle 50+ cases at one time. It’s no wonder that these attorneys don’t communicate well with their clients! Kubik Legal represents less clients so we can better focus on their cases and address their concerns. We’re more responsive when you have questions. You’ll quickly see the difference in how we operate.

Contact Kubik Legal to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for your Chicago or Chicagoland divorce, child custody, or child support case, or for your trademark or copyright questions by emailing us at