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Here are some frequently asked questions, and our answers.

Q1: How much do you cost?

A1: The answer is (of course), it depends.

If you are wanting full representation, we have two models. One is to pay a a retainer at the beginning of your case of $2500. The other is to pay a retainer of $1500 at the beginning of your case and pay $95 a week through an automatic withdraw from your checking or savings account.

Our billable hourly fee is $250.00 and we bill down to the .1 hourly increment.

If you want unbundled services or limited scope representation:

  1. For a letter or phone call = $250
  2. For researching your case, including reviewing any documents, and giving advice to you = $250-500
  3. For preparing a document = $125- $500
  4. For limited scope representation, which includes researching your case, document review and prep, and possible court appearances = $1000-$1500.

More information can be found here.

Q2: How long will my case take?

A2: It depends.

A2(a). Are you and the opposing party in agreement on things or not? If not, that will draw out the case.

A2(b). Where is your case being litigated? If you have a Cook County case being heard at the Daley Center, your case can go more quickly than at the other districts in Cook because there are more judges there.

A2(c). Does the opposing party also have a lawyer? Sometimes cases go faster with only one lawyer in the picture. MANY lawyers will drag out your case because they get paid more than getting your case wrapped-up. (We're not like that... we want you to get to your goals sooner than later.)

Q3: Where do you practice?

A3: We practice in Will County, Cook County, Grundy County and Kankakee County. If you need attorneys in other areas, let us know or check out our free attorney directory,

Q4: I want to represent myself but need help, can you help me?

A4: Yes! Some lawfirms only offer full representation. We offer full, limited-scope, and unbundled services. But what do these things mean? It means that you can hire us to do things like tell you which forms to fill out. Or help you with e-filing (which can be a nightmare and if done incorrectly, may lead to your case being dismissed or you being defaulted= not good).

We can also appear in court to represent you for a part of your lawsuit. Like appearing for your prove-up. We can draw up custom Marital Settlement Agreements or a Parenting Plan or a QDRO. We can only work you in coming up with a child support calculation/modification/order.

The point is this... it's not all or nothing. You have the ability to hire us to work with you and your case in a way that is best for you AND your budget.

Contact Kubik Legal to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation for your Chicago or Chicagoland divorce, child custody, or child support case. Here's how...

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