Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody in Illinois is now called parental responsibilities. You and the other parent determine things like educational choices, religious upbringing, medical decisions, and even extra-curricular activities of your child or children. These 4 areas represent significant decision-making responsibilities.

Each of these 4 areas can either be shared by the parents (jointly allocated) or granted exclusively to one parent or the other (sole allocation). Unlike many other states, Illinois does not distinguish between physical and legal custody. The Illinois family law courts only look at joint custody or sole custody.

Visitation in Illinois is now called parenting time. Depending upon the age of the child, the Court may want to see a parenting time schedule that addresses many details. The more the parents can agree to a schedule, the easier and faster your case will go.

To make the most of your case, you want to consider parental responsibilities and parenting time from now until the time the child becomes 18, or in some cases 19. Let Kubik Legal partner with you to help make your results last!

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