Areas of Practice

Our law firm specializes in intellectual property law, family and divorce law, and the overlapping of these areas. So if you have an issue with the following, we can help

1. Copyrights. Are you a content creator who has created something like a song, or an advertisement, or a computer program? What if you are an architect who created a house plan? Did you take a photograph, or create a musical that needs to be protected? We can help you protect your content in several ways.

2. Trademarks. People often confuse copyrights and trademarks.

3. Divorce cases. We represent and advise people going through a divorce. We work with people who have children under the age of 18. And with parties who have adult children or no children. If you have minor children, we can help you with visitation/parenting time and child support calculations.

People going through a divorce may have assets or debt that need to be divided or resolved. In Illinois, many people have pensions and retirement accounts that should be divided upon a divorce. We can help with these as well.

Additionally, Illinois has a new alimony/maintenance law. We can help divorcing parties determine and resolve this often complicated issue.

4. Cases where content creators want to protect their intellectual property either before they marry, or when they divorce. If you live in Illinois and want to protect your trademarked or copyrighted property, our firm is uniquely qualified to help you with this before you get married, or when you get divorced.

Kubik Legal has experience in this overlap area because we specialize in both the areas of intellectual property and family law. Not many other law firms can say this.

Child's drawing of a ballerina
Drawing by Sloan Kubik, age 6

5. Cases with people who have children together but did not marry. You may want us to help determine paternity, custody, visitation/parenting time, relocations and removals issues. We can help you determine child support calculations and obligations.

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