All about Appearances

So you’ve just received legal papers naming you as the respondent or defendant in an Illinois divorce, child custody, or child support lawsuit. What do you do?

Well, if you are not yet going to hire Kubik Legal to represent you, you’ll need to fill in and file an Appearance.

What if you don’t do this? You will probably be defaulted! And being defaulted means you lose. And you had no say in your legal case. Worst case scenario.

Because we don’t want to see you defaulted, we created this video to walk you through finding the Illinois Appearance form, and filling it out.

Once you fill in your Appearance, you then need to efile it with the Courts. Efiling is mandatory; you can no longer walk-in and hand someone your documents. Unfortunately, the efiling process can be confusing. So we’ve created this additional video for pro se (unrepresented) respondents who have a divorce case at the Daley Center.

Ultimately, you still may want to retain a lawyer. But that is not a requirement to having a voice in your family law case. Many family law disputes are resolved without attorneys representing the parties. The benefits are it costs less! However, the drawbacks are that your case will probably take longer, and if the opposing side has an attorney and you do not, you may lose, or not know how to best represent in your case.

Let Kubik Legal work with you to get you to your goal in a way where we have one eye on the costs of your case, and the other on getting you to where you want to be.

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